Review centers and organizations start ENP board exam review

March 11, 2018


Environmental planning has been emerging as an important profession in view of the recent past’s rapid urbanization and development. The transformation of rural areas to cities, the utilization of resources and other developments have compromised other resources and sectors, which otherwise could have been avoided or mitigated. The realization of the need to be holistic in the approach of development practitioners, among others, spurred the enactment of Republic Act 10587, or the Environmental Planning Act of 2013, which assures that development planners are adequately equipped with the proper education, training and experience to be able to practice the profession, which in itself impacts societies in many significant ways. For this year, the Professional Regulatory Commission had already scheduled the board exam for aspiring environmental planners.

In light of the upcoming ENP board exams on June 6-7, 2018, various organizations and review centers have started offering review and coaching sessions. The University of the Philippines Planners Organization (UP Plano), chaired by EnP Mary Jaselle Din, also founder of Spaces and People, has started their coaching sessions for members and non-members of the organization. Attended by at least 200 professionals who aspire to take the exams, the sessions started on March 11 and will end on May. Topics include history, theories and concepts relevant to environmental planning, planning processes, techniques and strategies, and legal foundations, planning administration and implementation. The lectures will be given by past and current members of the organization who are licensed environmental planners and practitioners in the field.

The topics are patterned after the three subject areas to be examined as stipulated in RA 10587. To pass, an examinee must obtain a weighted average of no less than 70% and a rating of no less than 50% in any examination subject.

Subject Area Weight No. of Questions
History, Concepts Theories and Principles of Environmental Planning 20% 100
Environmental Planning, Processes, Techniques and Strategies 45% 200
Environmental Plan Implementation, Legal Aspects and Administration 35% 150

UP Plano is a UP-registered organization with the aim of assisting students of urban and regional planning and affiliated fields in the University of the Philippines-Diliman, and mainstreaming urban and regional planning as a profession. The organization aims to serve as an instrument for the members to be able to equip themselves to become responsible and competent planners, among others.

Other organizations or review centers which provide courses for the ENP board exam include the Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners, ATLAS-CPED, ArcStudio Review Center and Ecopolis.