Core Services

Our three core departments, research, planning, and innovations center, have distinct scope while all merging in the overall objective of the group.

01 Research
02 Planning
03 Innovations


We produce studies that would drive forward the field of development planning most especially in the country. We look into existing gaps and contribute to the building up of knowledge and theory that is most reflective of the complexities, characteristics, and circumstances of modern societies.

Other activities include trainings, research colloquia, lectures, seminars, symposiums, forums, workshops and conferences.


Research Studies and Publications

Policy Reviews and Analysis

Planning Consultancy

We provide programs and services tailored to the specific needs and demands of the given a community, company, government institution or a civil sector group. We specialize in generating quality and innovative outputs that are hinged upon the principles of sustainable and inclusive development.


Business Case or Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies

Program or Project Development Studies

Development Master Plans


We are specifically focused on innovations designed to creating sustainable and inclusive development and providing platforms for the latest tools and technology in development planning that can be applied in the Philippines. We aim to make these innovations accessible to development practitioners through these platforms.


Innovative Technologies and Methodologies

Web or Mobile Apps and Programs