Who We Are

In Essence

We are a research, planning and innovations center committed to creating a high-impact contribution in the field of urban and regional development through research and knowledge building, urban planning and innovation, aligned with the principles of sustainable and inclusive development and in partnership with various sectors including government agencies, private companies and civil society organizations.


By ensuring a team that weaves the talents of various experts—urban planners, engineers, architects, policy analysts, lawyers, programmers and many others– into a cohesive whole, we create spaces conducive to people’s holistic kind of living. Mindful that places are for people and for communities, we devote ourselves to designs, innovations, strategies and action plans that make this awareness into reality. We not only dream, but also engender concrete contributions to making cities livable for the people who breathe life to these spaces.


Given a world that is now at the crossroads of facing modern challenges, such as fast-changing environmental and social phenomena, the challenge is to bring about opportunities amidst these changes. Along this line, we employ multi-sectoral approaches, extracting knowledge from the best sources, seeking various perspectives at different levels, tapping the latest information and tools available, and generating rigorous research and studies.


The leading institution in the Philippines and beyond that brings about the latest sustainable and inclusive innovations on development planning that make people and communities enjoy a holistic kind of living.


01 Tailored solutions
02 Innovative inputs and outputs
03 Dynamic leadership
04 Passionate people
05 Purpose-driven activities
06 Lasting social impact


Collaborative stakeholder approach

Believing in the power of perspective and considering the viewpoints of various disciplines and stakeholders as a key factor of success, we employ a collaborative stakeholder approach and capitalize on synergy to carry out our mission.

Progressive thinking

By being constantly progressive and open to innovative ideas, we keep ourselves abreast with the latest issues and developments on urban and regional planning. We localize best practices, anticipate future trends and maximize the potentials innovations offer.

Our Team

Mary Jaselle Din, ENP, MAPE, PHD (C)

CEO, Founder

Maria Pilar Lorenzo, LPT, MPA

COO, Co-founder

Albertine June Din, MAPE, MSE (C)

CDO, Co-founder

Viory Janeo, MSIE

CSO, Co-founder